News & Events

Our children have been so busy settling in and exploring their learning environment since the start of the year. It is a delight to watch children engaged in various activities. They display great concentration, persistence and a desire to learn. When it comes to creativity, our children always take initiative in making their masterpieces and surprising us every time. As educators we try and provide children with a variety of learning opportunities for them to explore and we build further on their interests. Great going children!

Some of our themes the children have particularly enjoyed so far this year were exploring different countries on the globe, creating rain sticks, making lamingtons for Australia Day, painting Chinese flags, learning about healthy eating habits and life cycle of plants.  A lot more exciting events and themes are lined up for the coming months.

JUNE  8th - World's Ocean day 
19th to 23rd - Road Safety week
26th and 30th - Pyjama Day/s 
3rd to 7th - Naidoc Week 6th from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m Winter Bonanza activities
17th to 21st - Creepy Crawlies 
18thParent Information Evening on the subject of "Transition to School":- 6 to 6.30pm. 

1st to 4th - Friendship week  
9th - Bob Turner Wildlife visit at 11am
14th to 18th - National Science week 
18th to 25th - Book week (TBA Book Parade)

Father's day activities
5th - teacher's day  
6th - World Kindness Day
17th Talk Like a Pirate Day 
19th and 20th Photos  
22nd - Jeans for Genes day   

2ND TO 6TH Farm Animals week10th - Grandparents Day  
16th – World Food day
16th to 20th– Diwali week

11th Christmas Concert
15th Graduation Ceremony
17th World Kindness day

DECEMBER to be decided