Our Program


At Willy Wagtails Garden we use the National Early Years Learning Framework as the foundation of our program. Each week we explore different interest areas based on the children's current interests, community events and other significant calendar dates. We strongly encourage parent and family involvement in our program and hold regular extra curricular events to encourage such participation. Our program is ever evolving, flexible and spontaneous. We have a strong focus on building the foundations for a healthy and active lifestyle and promote this through various incentives such as Healthy Lunch Box of the Week, Healthy Eating awards, Water Wizz awards, Munch and Move training, staff role modeling, Soccerman Program etc.

School readiness Program

Our intensive School Readiness Program is for all children who are eligible to enroll in Kindergarten the following year. During Term One we work on simple cognitive skills such as pencil grip, tracing skills, big and small, long and short, matching and opposites, seriation, scissor skills and focus on extending our concentration span. Children also present weekly "News" items on an allocated day which extends on their expressive and receptive skills, self confidence and personal interests. Term Two focuses on, but is not limited to, our numbers and basic mathematical concepts and children begin to receive 'homework'. Term Three see's the Alphabet come to life and Term Four introduces phonics through the use of the nationally recognized "Actions in Sounds" program which teaches children to associate a hand action with the sound of each letter of the alphabet. Our program has been highly commended by local schools who inherit our former students and are constantly astounded by their skill level and sound preparation for Kindergarten. Learning is fun and interactive and the children learn to gather information, work as a team, collaborate, brainstorm and most importantly they have the opportunity to excel in their own individual way.